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Why You Should Block Blue Light

Exposure to blue light causes the pineal gland to suppress Melatonin release. This happens because the brain responds to blue light as if it were daytime, the only time blue light exists biologically. 

Blue light however does more than suppress melatonin release. Blue light damages the retinal molecules that are responsible for manufacturing melatonin during the day, when sunlight interacts with tryptophan in the eye. Unnatural blue light inhibits the ability of retinal molecules to manufacture melatonin locally, in the eye.

So, blue light is not only making it hard for you to sleep by tricking the pineal gland into thinking it's daytime, but it also makes you less capable of manufacturing melatonin when it damages the retinal molecules needed to perform this function. And once these molecules are damaged, they can't be regenerated. 

Blue light though is not inherently bad. It becomes bad when it's recreated unnaturally with technology. When this happens, blue light appears without the other colors of the rainbow that balance out its intensity. In addition to this, the need to see after dark introduces blue light at a time that contradicts healthy circadian rhythm. 

Sunlight vs. LED Blue Light

Blue light from sunlight is always accompanied by red light (IR) and at certain times of the day purple light (UV), which are responsible for all of the healing and regeneration that takes place in your tissues and cells. These red and purple healing frequencies are missing in unnatural blue light and create a toxic peak in the blue part of the spectrum.

The intensity in this peak is what needs to be protected against, especially once the sun goes down. 

Natural Blue Light Has An Important Role

Natural blue light aligns our circadian rhythm, the 24-hour cycle that tells our body when to sleep, rise, and eat.

We need natural healthy light for our clocks run on time, specifically our sleep clock, which regulates the most important process for healing and preventing disease. 

Unnatural blue light, as well as other forms of unnatural EMF's, makes the circadian rhythm that is necessary for peak health impossible.

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