I Care About Your Sleep!

Why Block Blue Light?

Look Great, Sleep better!

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Natural Blue Light Plays An Important Role

Natural blue light aligns our circadian rhythm, the 24-hour cycle that tells our body when to sleep, rise, and eat.

We need natural healthy light for our clocks run on time, specifically our sleep clock, which regulates the most important process for healing and preventing disease. 

Unnatural blue light, as well as other forms of unnatural EMF's, makes the circadian rhythm that is necessary for peak health impossible.

Wear Them... Sleep Better!


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Soon after wearing these, my I strain stopped being a problem." Michael P. 

"These glasses improved my sleep enough that they made me excited to make additional health changes." Leslie J

"Wearing my Dormi's has increased my awareness of how I'm feeling, what kind of environment I'm in, and how much I use technology." Carina D

"If I feel any light sensitivity coming on, I put on my Dormi's and it goes away." Leisha V

"Wearing them induces that relaxing feeling that I've been craving for years!" Emma S.