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What Is Blue Light

 Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum, with a wavelength between approximately 380-500 nanometers (nm). A more thorough understanding of what blue light is can be complex for a few different reasons, mainly that not all blue light is created equally—presenting health implications that are both enabling and disabling. Another aspect of blue light is that some blue light doesn’t appear to be blue. This distinction within one color is indeed confusing and can make blue light less obvious—and you less aware of the effect it’s having on you at any given time. Some clarity and a better understanding, however, can be achieved. And because almost every waking moment of every day has some relationship to blue...

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Blue Light Damage

Many people are starting to connect the dots between blue light and eye damage. A color in the visible light spectrum, blue light appears in two ways: naturally in sunlight, and unnaturally in technological devices ranging from lightbulbs to cell phones.  Protecting your eyes from too much exposure to blue light isn’t as simple as avoiding it, because we need blue light to run our body’s master clock and, consequently, every other physiological program.  The key to preventing eye damage lies in allowing natural blue light while blocking or avoiding unnatural blue light, which was introduced to humans less than a century and a half ago.  Why Unnatural Blue Light Is Damaging In your mind, picture a high-speed video of...

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Blue Light & Sleep

If you’ve struggled with sleep long enough, you’ve probably uttered the words “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.”  In comes the conversation about blue light and sleep. Could it be possible that the one thing you haven’t tried - blocking the light from technology that suppresses melatonin - is all you ever needed?  Blockling blue light to sleep better might sound unbelievably simple, especially if frustration has set in from a chronic struggle to fall asleep, and it is. The great news is that there are several ways to block it effectively.      The only question that remains is, how does blue light really affect sleep?  Blue Light and No Sleep  To better understand the effect of blue light on sleep,...

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