Why are there 3 types of glasses? 

There are many ways to block blue light, depending on the time of day and the kind of functionality that is needed. For instance, while Dormi's Noctis offer the most protection from harmful light (400-550nm), they aren't safe for driving and can even make you too sleepy if worn at certain hours of the day. 

Our daytime lenses - Dormi's Per'Diemare designed for people who spend much of their day in front of computers or work under typical "office lights" that contain harmful LED & Flourescent wavelengths. While no amount of man-made blue light is ideal, blocking all blue light if you are indoors during the day, would mean depriving the brain of any blue light, something that is still very confusing to circadian rhythm. 

At a certain point of the day, once the sun goes down, it's important to switch to a lens that blocks 100% of blue light, because with the absence of solar blue light, the body is already preparing for sleep, even you may not be necessarily. More exposure to blue light can extend the length of your day. 

Dormi's Aurant are the perfect pair of blue blockers once the sun goes down because they block every wavelength in the blue light spectrum and because the smooth orange color is still transparent enough, many people find them compatible for any nighttime activities, like socializing, shopping, a night out on the town, or nighttime electronic use. You can wear Dormi's Aurant from sundown to bedtime and set yourself up for high quality sleep. 

Dormi's Noctis take blue blocking to a whole other level by eliminating 90% of green light as well, which has been shown to suppress melatonin production. The red tint that blocks these wavelengths is the closest you can get to seeing no light at all and is highly suggested if you have experienced prolonged resistance to sleep or want to assure you are setting yourself up for the best sleep possible. 

Which pair/pairs should I buy? 

While we always recommend protecting yourself from harmful artificial light with all 3 pairs, we understand if you prefer to start with one pair for now. 

As far as prioritizing blue light protection, it's critical to block blue light after dark, because blue light at this time is biologically most incompatible and will disrupt circadian rhythm the most.  If you have not been blocking blue light, doing so can help you tremendously. 

For this reason we suggest Dormi's Aurant as a starter pair, since they block 100% blue light, but can assure you that once you start to feel the effects of blocking blue light consistently, you will want Dormi's Per'Diem and Noctis to block daytime blue and nighttime green light. 

For a 2nd pair, where do you spend most of your time during the day? 

If you rarely see sunlight because of indoor work that leaves you exposed to blue light, we suggest continuing your protection with Dormi's Per'Diem. 

Dormi's Noctis are a great 2nd pair if you are able to limit daytime artificial blue light exposure and want to experience the best nighttime protection possible. 

Can You Add My Prescription To My Blue Blockers? 

Yes, we can. 

The cost of this service depends on your Rx since various Rx's can alter the depth of the service and even the lens material. 

Please do note that progressive and bifocal prescriptions usually require the person to be present to ensure 100% accuracy, and since we do not do this ourselves, do understand there is some risk in sending us your progressive or bifocal prescription and we cannot refund you for this type of Rx service charge. 

If you find for whatever reason they are not a fit to your eyes, we are happy to refund you 100% the cost of your Dormi's, before the Rx service charge, within 30 days of purchase. 

Please submit a current Rx from your doctor here on our Contact/Rx Page

How Long Will lt Take For My Dormi's To Start Working? 

Studies and science are showing, with 100% accuracy and dependability, that blue light disrupts melatonin production and suppresses melatonin release from the pineal gland. With that said, how using Dormi's will influence your sleep is different from person to person. There are many factors that can influences sleep, from light to emotional interference, which can make sleep complex at times, but do know that sleep can't happen without melatonin, and melatonin can't happen without blocking blue light. 

With that being said, most people find that wearing Dormi's Nighttime glasses for about a week begins to make a felt difference in sleep quality. The same is true for Dormi's Per'Diem causing a noticeable shift with less eye strain. 

One way to assure your Dormi's are working, once you have used them for about a week, is to try removing them. Your system will feel shocked, but we definitely do not suggest doing this! Just know that they are guaranteed to create a noticeable difference in your physiological reaction to light and this is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Here's something really important to know about natural sleep. It's a process unlike taking pills or supplements, where sleep develops slowly but surely. A helpful distinction is that while wearing Dormi's usually results in relaxation, they aren't what is inducing it, they are simply allowing the chemical messengers in the brain responsible for inducing sleep to do their job. This is how you define "natural sleep." For this reason, we don't suggest comparing the relaxation quality that comes from wearing blue blockers to that of supplementing with melatonin or other pills. Because those are unnatural, the relaxation response is also unnatural and therefore not a fair comparison.